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Dark Grey Mask M
Dark Grey Mask M

This handmade mask* was created with love and care for the comfort of your working day! It is constructed from 2 layers of cotton and/or organic cotton fabric. There is a copper nose wire that can contour the shape of your nose for added comfort and fit. The elastic is meant to go around the top of your head and your neck - this does NOT fit around your ears (see photo). If you prefer to have loops for your ear, the elastic can be cut and tied smaller for this purpose without fraying.
*non-medical mask

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: I have been washing and drying my masks since March ’20 in the machine after EACH use. It is beneficial to have a garment bag for this purpose, so the elastic does not catch on other garments. When drying the mask, this can be laid flat to dry or put in the dryer. The dryer may wear down the elastic over time but can be replaced through the side loops on the mask. I hope you enjoy it, as I have had many compliments that this is the most comfortable mask people have worn, especially if you are in a job where you need to talk all day and wear a mask all day.
XS- child up to age 6-7
M- child/teen- small adult
L- fits most adults comfortably-good for talking all day.
XL- full-face covering over the chin, good for talking all day.